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Ok, I wanted to let everyone know and to also see who would be interested in this.

My B-Day's on October 9th. I was thinking we could do like a BBQ / Carne Asada / Twisty trip here at my place, but seeing on how we got very little interest in just the Twisty last time... i wanted to check out who would actually go this time.

Here's my plan:

We could do the same route Ryan (MiEvil) and i did a few months a go, as most of you remember it would be doing the Hwy 94 and crossing into Mexico (sorry for those who are illeagle cough *MexTep* cough), doing the Rumorosa and from there to my place to have a BBQ / Carne Asada. We also have a pool and stuff.
I'm thinking we could do this on Sunday the 8th, since the 9th is monday and everyone works.

Plase post your thoughts, i'm open to any suggestions you might have. we could also change dates if needed. Remember, everyone's welcome.

Thanks people!

Edit: Seems as though we might be going to Ensenada instead. Please post any suggestions.
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