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Its Been Fixed.......or so they said.

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Well my dad took my rim to his friend, some of you may remeber that it was demolished, well not demolished but messed up pretty bad from a big pot hole with a manhole cover in it, basically the pothole was growing next to the manhole and the manhole was sticking out into the hole. Neway long story short my driver side rim caught the man hole just right and it cracked and bent my polished lip. Neway my dads friend who has a shop and i always go to knows a guy who fixes rims. So it was sent out and supposly the rim got fixed, no idea how much it costed or how good of quality it is, but ill see when i go to get it put on. Just gotta order my brake pads and then go to the shop and have everything put on at once, itll just make things easier. I hope the guy did a good job and it looks like it didnt even happen. I hope he didnt charge and arm and a leg either. Oh and why didnt i just buy a new rim, well i looked and looked an no one has them in stock anymore and supposly ROH the parent company of De-Zenyo does not import them here anymore.

Anyway once i get it on things get put on, gonna was and prep my car and have alittle photo shoot b/c thats longer over due.