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This is my first post on the forums, but had to chime in an experience with my first focus and the dealership.

We had our '05 zx4 for around 6 months when we were smelling something that smelled like rubber burning. Took it in to the dealership and had them look at it. They said it was just a plastic piece rubbing on something (they were telling my wife this since I was out of town) and that they fixed it. When I got in town, my wife and I were on a 55mph 2 lane hwy and someone slams on their brakes in front of us. My wife slams hers and we here a loud pop and she starts yelling "I have no brakes". After barely missing an oncoming Expedition and going into the grass, we came safely to a stop.

Turns out that the brake line had been rubbing on the tire the whole time and they didn't catch it the first time. They said that the clip that holds it was defective and ford has since replaced them with metal instead of plastic. They fixed everything but the car just isn't the same since. Could have been a very costly mistake.

However, I just bought a '05 zx3. Didn't really want another one after all the problems with the other one, but after reading this forum, I am kinda excited about modding and building it, now.

BTW, we are on our 3rd auto tranny in the zx4.

Also, I have since got to know a service manager at a different dealership and he told me that they have been having a lot of issues with rotors. On both of our cars the rotors seem warped. He said that ford will turn them for free. Just FYI.

Sorry for the long post
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