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Hey people! I’m looking for some help...I hope to get some good advice from you. This is the thing:

A couple months ago, i was driving my 2012 Focus SEL on the highway when suddendly the tire pressure indicator popped up, but not indicating low pressure, it was “Failure on Pressure systems” instead. It was a first for me. I stopped to look at my tires and all seemed to be good with them.

So, i decided google the issue. And found the “tpms training mode” wich i tried. So I started, and when the time for rear right tire came...the car wouldnt make the horn i thought i found the tire with the issue. I procceded to buy the tpms sensor wich costed a few pesos (im from Mexico) and took it to be installed. Didnt work.

Took the car to a guy with a scanner, who couldnt “reprogram” the tpms system, but found some codes:

U0401-00 data not valid from ecm/pcm
U0100-00 lost comms with ecm/pcm A
U0101-00 lost comms with tcm
C00134-15 speed sensor on right rear tire-short circuit/open with battery
C003A-07 speed sensor on rear right failure

So the question is:
Do you thing the speed sensor thing has to do with the tpms failure on the rear right tire?
Any other clues?

Your help is appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

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tpms sensor batteries maybe last 5 years so you may need to replace sensor if it cant be reprogrammed/reset. fyi, batteries cant be replaced in sensors
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