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First of all, my license plate light stays on all day and all night. It is very dim and has an orange hue to it in the center of the light at all times. Light is dim when car is on and light is dim when car is off.

Just recently realized that as I bring down the hatch slowly I can tell at just about which point the light turns on and at that exact point my hatch light goes on as well. All this time I was thinking I need to replace the trunk light because it would not go on when the hatch went up. Well late last night I noticed the light go on and I peered in through the back seat and yes the trunk light stayed lit.

HELP...I don't even know where to start.

Thank you.

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You're describing symptoms that point to a hatch wiring issue.

There's cross feed going on between the hatch light wiring & the license plate light, and the umbilical to the hatch is the most common area for wires to have broken insulation & cross connect as it falls off from the flexing as the hatch opens & closes.

Could have something internal to the hatch, but check the area mentioned first. you'll find a LOT of threads/posts on the problem in this section. Search "hatch wiring" for example.

P.S. - Check the links mentioned here from another of today's threads:
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