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Hello All,[:)]
I've got a 2.0 ghia ( 200 mod ) manual trans, and i've just renewed n/s hub ( got the other to do as bearing is shot too) and all pads & discs... car has been running fine all week.
The missus took it out on sat and said there was a " strange noise " on braking. Took it out, couldn't find anything wrong with brakes...until braking lightly to pull into garage and there was a " pulsing " sensation on pedal, and the " buzzing " sound that you would associate with ABS wasn't going fast enough to awake mr ABS from slumber though!..
It only done it a couple of times briefly, but later in the day, i noticed that there was the " buzzing " sound whilst drving along without touching the brakes???!!! ( bit like a scooter coming past? )....
Is this down to the fact that the other hub needs changing as the bearing assm is on it's way out and annoying the ABS sensors, or is it another separate problem altogether??
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