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This might not be the right place for this question but I would like to know if a 2007 Focus is a MK 2?

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The US model for '05-'07 is a face lift of the earlier '00-'04 mk1 cars. Most foci fantics call the US '05-'07 models mk1.5's & the redone body of the '08-'11' mk2's.

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Yep what Bruce said is right...for our market [:)] The big confusion comes from the fact the rest of the world received a new model that North America didnt for '05.

So to the rest of the world, this is the mk2:,_Europe)

Ford just refreshed their existing mk1 for our market from 05-07 and then our mk2 from 08-11 sedan/coupe is completely different than the rest of the worlds mk2. Mk3 was when Ford put all markets on the same platform again
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