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For those who are new to the SR group feel free to post your introductions here, and since I am the newest member to join I will start.

Hey guys, My name is Diego I'm relatively new to the community joined last month but I have made my name known around the general area of the forums. Just in case some of you over at the SR group don't know me I am 17 years old, live in SC and this is my 2011 ses! I bought it December 20th 2010 with 6 miles on it and I have been saving up for it since I was 14 working at the local grocery store "Publix" if anyone is familiar. Today I have fully paid off the car and it's the best feeling because anything else I spend on it will be completely aftermarket mods only.

Current Performance Modifications
- FSWERKS Race Exhaust
- FSWERKS H&R Suspension
- K&N TYPHOON Cold Air Intake

Current Interior Modifications
- Custom Steering Wheel Cover
- OEM All-purpose Weather mats

Current Sound Modifications
- BOSS CHAOS 2500W Amp
- KENWOOD Dual 12" Subs
- FIERCE Battery Cap.
- DYNAMAT Sealed Trunk
- Custom Ported FG Box

Current Exterior Modifications
- VHT Red Calipers
- VHT Blacked out Tail Lights
- XENON HID 6K Head/Fog Lights
- MIAMI HEAT License Plate Cover
- 42DRAFT White LED License Plate Lights
- Custom Ford Emblems (Gloss Black/Red)
- Custom Painted OEM Rims 17x7 (Gloss Black/Red)
- Custom Painted OEM Grille (Gloss Black)


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lol i have the best net here and that nearly crashed my laptop, nobody's gonna wanna post in here with all that going on, you might wanna resize your pics or use thumbnails or link to an album which you can create in your profile or use photobucket

love the car though

Pimp'n ain't easy
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There needs to be a disclaimer.

**DISCLAIMER** prepare to be hazed.
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