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Hello to everyone. Welcome to FN.
Please introduce yourself here. Newbies do not be afraid, post up!
Post your picture and car information. Please post one of your fav car pictures, that will be added to your FN members thread, once we know that you are for sure repping the FN.
Not just posting here and passing time.
Thank you and enjoy.

P.S. Please keep this on topic, if you would like to chat go to the boredome thread:
Thanks. This will help our new members, in not getting confused or scared away. :) [wiggle]

If you need Pimp Cards, pm me with addy, spread the word about FF and FN! Thanks!

Sticker Whore
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josh henrdicks
appleton and stevens point, WI

and these mods:


Clear corners (now tinted)
shorty antenna
blacked out grill
fog light mod
painted head lights
mazda wiper
svt degas cover
EAP's with BFGoodrich g-Force T/A KDW-2's
50/20 tint
some sound deadening stuff
full green to blue led swap...


cosworth CAI
focussport exhaust
eibach pro lowering kit
focussport strut tower

**in the works** : 2.3L Valve Cover Powder Coated blue, black headliner and pillars, backseats with head rests from an S2 getting them reupholstered, euro tails, euro rear bumper, SAP front, SVT sides... lower it.....more

Broken cars s[:)][:)][:)] :(
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Joe Gogolak
Munster, IN
03 SVT Focus
MODS-Too many I put em up other places lol

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Hi im Jeff Burton.
My car is a 2001 ZX3 5spd manual.
Mods: Ebay CAI, FocusSport Front and Rear Stress bars, Painted Interior trim, Lunchbox delete.
WIPS: Budget Turbo build, Polished Valve cover, 2.5" Catback exhaust w/ borla muffler, Custom Focus Hood.


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Hey Everyone..... my name is Crazy Matt, and I currently reside in New Berlin, WI... about 20 minutes West of Milwaukee. Anything you want to know, feel free to send me a PM. Welcome to Focus Nation, everybody!

Here are the mod lists for my go, show, and glow:

Volant CAI
Ford Racing UDP
Ford Racing 9mm Plug Wires
MBRP Exhaust
Optima YellowTop

Full Xenon Lip Kit with Sideskirts
16" Painted Stockers
OEM Clear Gille
Clear Corners
Silblade Silicone Wipers
20% Tint All Around
Batman Emblems
Foglight Mod
Painted Interior Pieces

Streetglow 7-Color LED Underbody Kit
Streetglow 7-Color LED Wheelwell Kit
Lite Rider LED Bar (Green)
Streetglow OPTIX Headlight Strobes
Streetglow OPTIX Taillight Strobes
Streetglow LEDs (8 total, 2 in each vent)
Streetglow Tubes (Two 10", Four 9", illuminating footwells in front and back)
LED Dome Light
Streetglow OPTIX Strobe Controller
Streetglow LED Kit Controller (One controller operates both Underbody and Wheelwell)
Lite Rider LED Status Bar
Custom Switchpanel in Ashtray

And... How about TWO Favorite pics... one glow, one no-glow.

Glow (not the best quality, my first time using a digi!):

No Glow:


GreyRice WOoT!
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^lol its ok mark we still love ya

chris voght
houghton, MI (the U.P.)

insert image here, later ok?

just got my 07 so mods list will arrive summer 07

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my name is Chris Walters
mod's list in sig

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-Palatine, IL

Mod list

Focussport Cool-flow
Ported 00 mani
Focus-central tb
Focus-central headers/flex
Focussport pully
VF mounts
Old school chip
Steeda ss
Focussport flywheel
Centerforce clutch
Focussport stress bars
Eibach Pro System

maybe some other stuff Im forgetting

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Jason Raska
Osceola, WI

2005 Liquid Grey ST

MM BS delete
Trans mount inserts
Drilled rotors
SVT springs
Motege 17"X7.5" rims

Soon to come before next years autox season:
Camber plates
Koni adj. shocks
Front and rear adj. swaybars
Front and rear stress bars

New rims:

Old rims:

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Hey everyone, Ken from Lake Zurich, IL
I dont actualy own a focus, but my friend just got one, and since i am the car guy and hes not, I get to decide what gets done to it! I got to meet some of you at the meet at Jarods apartment in december, and you all seem like a great bunch of people! (im the one with the taurus!)

I will get some pictures of both cars for you in the next few days

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Paul Sheridan
Dublin, Ireland

Mooddust silver 1.6 Ghia saloon

ST170 engine and gearbox conversion
ST170 rear disc conversion
RS Brembo front brake conversion
Fidanza Alu flywheel
Clutchmasters Stage 3 clutch
Innovate LC1 wideband Lamda controller
Powerworks SVT Supercharger
Megasquirt & spark extra ECU
Cobra coilovers
H & R front and rear antiroll bars
Powerflex bushes
Russel stainless steel brakelines
Sytec uprated fuel pump
EBC front and rear turbo grooved discs
EBC front and rear Red Stuff Ceramic brakepads
SPEC front and rear camber adjusters
Uprated engine mounts
Onboard PC
Custom C/F Dash
Custom C/F Bonnet
Custom C/F Boot
Custom 4" duel exit exhaust
Custom C/F Door cards
7" in dash touchscreen
Hella headlights
Custom tail lights
10.4" roofmounted LCD
2x Pioneer TSW 101 SPL 8" subs
MSD coil and HT leads
Thats all I can remember

and it looks a bit better then this now

And this is me

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Jason Kiolbasa
Hoffman Estates, IL

2001 Pitch Black zx3

will get pic soon.... car is coming back from shop.... was in an accident on the 20th.

4-1 race header
2.5" flexpipe
2.25" exhaust
cold air intake
sway bar
short throw shifter
have lowering springs... not installed yet... cheap ebay set.. not sure if i want to use them or not.

5% rear window tints
oil pressure, water temp, and air/fuel ratio gauges in pod on a pillar
pioner premier faceplate
2 12" Kicker compvr subs
980W Power Acoustic amp
18" 10 spoke (5 spoke design) Black wheels w/ a chrome lip
clear corners
shorty antenna
... and any thing else i'm missing.

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Nick R. /joker2
West Branch, MI

2003 dark blue ZX5

-stock ZETEC


-sylvania silverstars

Yes I do live out in the boonies and my driveway is 750 feet of pure hell!!

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George B.
Chicago Illinois
west side
i have a 2002 ford focus spi lx
b4 getting jack


i used to have a body kit and under neon lights and anything will make the car look nice but one day i found my car with no neon light no side skirts no radio no air/fuel and voltage gauge gone and my 2 sub gone my world went down hill from there. now that i have a better job i just started to fix it up again. i just got some new rims.

Token Engin-nerd
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Pete (nickname Po) from Round Lake, IL, going to school in Champaign. I'll have pics up as soon at the FS Stealth goes on next weekend-ish.

2002 SE Wagon (ATX, Zetec) in French Blue

Current mods:
65mm tb
RT cat
lunchbox delete
SVT airbox/snorkel w/ K&N

Blue interior LED's / stock gauges in blue
Sony CDX-GT200
Cheap Jensen speakers in front

mods in the mail:
Focus-Central 2.25 flex
FS Stealth catback
JBA shorty header
Massive Speed MSX90 ignition package (MSD coil/9mm wires)
MAC intake

I post pretty much every day now and i cant wait for a g2g! ...Thanks!
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