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Hey everyone, first time post here, this might be a bit of a long post, apologies in advanced.

For the last few months my Focus’ stereo has been glitching, turning off by itself and sometimes just rebooting and asking me to enter my pin code again.

Recently this has evolved into a pretty big problem. The stereo no longer works, internal lights don’t turn on, rear doors don’t lock and the rear power windows don’t work either, as well as the override to lock all windows.

I’ve tried resetting the pcm, changing the fuses and running a meter to check each of the fuses. All fuses were okay and resetting the pcm didn’t fix anything.

I’m hoping that this isn’t an expensive fix and that it could be as simple as giving the passengers fuse box a shake.

Any and all suggestions are welcomed.

TL;DR - Stereo and internals aren’t working on a 2011 Ford Focus LX. Tried the basics, looking for next step suggestions.
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