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I have an issue where my 2001 ZX3 does not start on occasion. The problem seems to be tied to high ambient temperature, and will typically occur only when it is at least 80F outside or warmer. If the engine is warm and the car is shut off, it will not restart until the engine is cold again.

I have observed that if I attempt to start it, the engine will turn and quickly fall below the idle threshold and stall immediately. If I push the throttle continuously, it will continue to run, but once the gas is removed, the engine will stall again.

I had been having issues with the cooling fan running and to address the high engine temperatures, I tied the cooling fan into a relay that is on whenever the car is on so that it runs continuously. This reduced the incidence of the problem, but it is still happening. The only other component I suspect to be faulty is the cylinder head temperature sensor. If this is the case, could this be the cause of the problems I am observing?

Thanks for any feedback that you can provide and don't hesitate to ask for clarification of anything I have stated.
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