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I have an 02 SE 5 speed. For the past 2 years I have had intermittent no crank starting issues.

When I engage the key the engine does not crank. There is no click. The only sound I can hear is the fuel pump. The dash lights work fine (the dim slightly when the key is turned to the crank position) and the gauges behave as normal (they don't shoot up or anything).

The problem rarely occurs after the car sits for extended periods of time. I can always get to my first destination of the day, but after that its a gamble. I don't turn my car off when refueling for fear of it not starting. If I let the car set for (several minutes to several hours) it will usually start as normal. It also seems to happen more in warm weather.

When engaging the key, the starter sometimes hesitates before trying to crank at all. It will sit silent for anywhere from a second to 5 seconds and then kick on like nothing was wrong.

I've already replaced the neutral safety switch and the ignition switch with no luck.

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