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Interior Trim/Bezel Colors

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Hi guys,

Did a little bit of searching, but have come up with nothing.

So I'm looking to replace the 'matte silver' trim in my 2013 SE with a mixture of base level trim (HVAC bezel, shifter surround) and the 'glossy silver' Ti trim (doors, radio unit vents, console surround where the dash meets the console). Question is, while I've sourced parts online, there seem to be names for the various trim colors but the actual color of said trim isn't provided.

Various trim colors I've found are:

Black (duh)
White (duh)

Perhaps we should develop a list with photos of various interior trim pieces so that people like myself who want to switch things up have somewhere to start?
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That's what is great about this site. A lot of flavors in here. Great Peeps except for this member called Silverpony :)

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Any updates on this, anyone? I'm just curious, because I want to keep the interior of my SE 201A stock, but I like the aesthetic that other Focii including the Titanium and ST give off in regards to their interior trim colors.

I'm really curious what the glossy gray trim used on the black interior on the Ti is called. I know that for certain vehicles with the 'stone' interior, there's a champagne-colored glossy trim called 'Lyra', but that wouldn't fit my black interior.

I just really hate the matte silver finish on my car. It screams econobox.
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