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I know that we have some great painters amidst us (please, some tips???!??!!) , I just wanted to offer what I learned from painting my dash pieces:

- Prime it: use a good plastic primer
- Paint it: Paint it with the color you want
- Use 180grain or {216U by 3M} to sand it all down (perfect, if used lightly for a 'brushed alum' look)
- Continue with desired amount of coats; One per hour (should be around 3-5 total, depending on how much wear/tear each piece will encounter)
- Apply Clear-Coat; more coats than the paint (Each paint brand has their own)

As far as covering up parts you don't want painted, email me for my ideas (they certainly didn't work the first time around) but they work great after a little experience. Much better than the How-To section. Good-Luck!
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