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I have an interior code of CH. what does that mean? my door panals are lighter than my dash and wheel.

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Good question... we should have a sticky with interior codes. Send a PM to FORDSVTPARTS and b16sir1991. They should be able to help.

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Hey guys, here are the interior codes from my 2004 factory shop manual.

Straight from the manual, "The interior trim codes are listed below. The first digit listed indicates the seat and fabric style. The second digit listed indicates the interior trim color.

Trim Codes:

5 - Bussac/Laura cloth (individual)
8 - Leather
A - Bussac/Laura cloth (sport)
C - Centennial cloth
E - Leather with black leather inserts
S - Martre/Twill cloth
T - Fairfax/Laura cloth (individual)
U - Leather (sport)
V - SVT insert cloth

Interior Trim Color Codes:

A - Medium Graphite
B - Midnight Black with Blue interior (SVT only)
E - Midnight Black with Black interior (Euro-SVT only)
H - Medium parchment
R - Midnight Black with Red interior (SVT only)
W - Midnight Black

so if you have "CH" that means you have "centennial cloth" seats with "medium parchment" interior trim color.


-- michael
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