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..... I have a 2003 Focus ZX5 Premium

Recently , my transmission has been giving me a issue , and i am concerned what it could mean.

It is a Automatic , The last gear while in drive either fails to engage or the engine will just rev , which has forced me to either drive with the overdrive off , or when it doesn't engage , then to drive at high revs around 4000.

Any ideas , my gut tells me a solonoid , but i am also very unfamiliar with the transmissions in this vehicle , so could anyone enlighten me to how the gears work in this transmission as far as how they work with solonoids and if anyone has come accross this same issue what was their cause.

A little history on how this occured ....

I was driving home , and i don't drive all crazy like , i drive i guess normal , i turned onto a road a few before my road , it was uphill , and then it just slipped , suddenly , no noise , or anything , just slipped , then when i slowed down enough it managed to get back in gear , obviously a lower gear and i kept on going . Thats it, nothing else .

Any thoughts would be appreciated

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