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Brand new here. First post.

'02 SPI 137k 5spd. Just bought the car with a "fluttering" issue, CEL, and slightly high idle (850-900rpm). Spark plugs were white (aka lean). Problem codes P0171 and p0401(already know dpfe is bad, not what i'm chasing down). Engine was recently rebuilt with new head via shop (water pump failure).

The steps i've took thus far:
Replaced fuel filter and cleaned out PCV. Has hard PCV hose (no collapsing). Reset ECU

Result:No change. (CEL came right back, hesitation came right back)

2.Disconnected vacuum line to egr and plugged it. ("Workaround #1"). Reset ECU

Hesitation reduced but not gone. Still get hesitation on cold start up especially with A/C on.

Cleaned MAF vigorously with engine/carb cleaner. Reset ECU

No change

Plugged exhaust lines to DPFE. Ran egr vacuum line to REF port on DPFE ("Workaround #2"). Reset ECU.

CEL stayed off for 80 miles (of a 100 mile trip) then came back when i turned off the a/c. BUT shut back off as soon as a started the car. Has been off for 3 other starts and stops.

5.Sprayed valve cover gasket, PVC, throttle body, brake booster, injectors, everything with engine starting fluid. Checked for hissing or other vacuum leaks

No change. No change in idle speed based on spraying.

Any ideas? Ill post solution when i figure it out.
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