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My master cylinder has gone bad and I'm looking to replace it but I don't know if I have Interactive Vechile Dynamics or just traction control? How can I tell this... I'm looking at Raybestos master cylinders Part # MC390809 and Part # MC390678. Which one will work for my 02 SVT? (I'm shopping off of

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SVTF has Traction Control. That's it.
Do you have the buttons for heated seats and the TC on your console behind the shifter?
If yes, you have Traction Control
If not, you don't.

There's a How-To on replacing the master cylinder, but I don't remember if there's any part numbers shown.
I also don't think there's any difference in parts.
IOW, TC or not, it's the same master cylinder.

Lemme see what I can find.
Online shopping sites are not always that accurate when it comes to unique/rare models like the SVTF.

Here's the thread, and it does show part numbers:

Why don't you order from one of our FF vendors?
You know you'll get the right part, and the price can't be beat:
Get a hold of Mike Trendel (b16sir1991 on FF) at Hilbish Motors.
He has his own forums:
Calling him will get much quicker results than posting a thread or sending him a PM.
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