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insane oil pressure gauge! help!

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I put Autometer Cobalt guages in my SVTF not too long ago. A volt and a full sweep oil pressure. I am using a copper line because I heard some bad stories of the nylon one breaking but I have also heard very good things about them. My issue is that I have this annoying as hell ticking from that gauge and it gets louder the higher the engine is revving. [hatchet] The line isnt touching anything anywhere that it could be ticking on. I have had it just routed and then had it zip tied down in numerous places with no luck to get this ticking to go away. I had this gauge in my other car with the nylon tube and it never made a sound. Is the gauge broken or should I just switch it back and has anyone else had this problem??
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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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