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OK I can see from one piccture that the tubes can exit from behind the intake.
Another pic shows that one end is up behind the intake, actually right into the middle of the intake opening.
So that is the exit end of the hose.

Where does it come from?
one pic, though I think that is the wrong engine? show it comes from directly below, from a plastic box stuck on the side of the crankcase clearing some of the oil back to the crankcase.
But I cannot find any sort of picture confirming that on a 2.0 Ecoboost.

So I am asking for a pointer to a diagram, photo, pictogram, anything to clarify where the front "crankcase vent hose' comes from? [dunno]

This is not the rear near top PVC valve hose. Which I have photos of.

This is how I am passing the time waiting for my car to be delivered. If anyone knows, I would be grateful
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