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I'm back - last log in date: 2005!

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My first Focus was a 2000 SE Wagon; traded that in for a 2002 SE 5 door hatch back; in 2005, I took a job that gave me a company car, so I sold the '02; left that job & took over a 2000 Jeep Cherokee from a family member in 2008and have been driving that since - the Jeep is currently for sale since I just bought a 2014 ST last Friday! I've had my eye on the ST for at least a year now. I had been looking more recently for a 2013, thinking I'd save a few bucks, but had a hard time finding any WITHOUT the Recaros - test drove an ST back around March of this year and did not like those seats. I had about given up on trying to find an ST with the standard cloth seats until last week when I changed a few words in my google search, which lead me to a dealer 20 miles away! That dealer had to have the car transferred from another location, but they did it same day and then I went and got it. I also knew I couldn't be too picky on color, but I got really lucky that this ST is silver, which was my first choice, second being blue, then black.

I only have a couple things I want to do right away. Maybe one of you guys can point me in the right direction.

1. Is there a cheap muffler available that would be a bit louder, but not obnoxious? I've seen some of these complete systems, but not looking to drop a grand $$!! - maybe a couple hundred bucks tops.

2. I wasn't aware of it when I went to buy it, but the cloth seat base ST does not have the subwoofer. I'm going to check with the dealer this week, but my guess is if Ford installs a sub and an amp, it's prolly more bread than aftermarket. Anybody have any experience with this situation? I put a sub and amp in my Jeep last year and only dropped $300 including the custom panel from Crutchfield to mount the speaker into that fit the Jeep.

Thanks in advance for any info!!

Brad in CA
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