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IF you had $800 and my car...

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What would you get for it?

I'm tired of doing aestethic (sp?) upgrades...

Aside from Eibach pro springs, and and drop in K&N... my car is deprived. WWYD?
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Well if you don't want to do aesthetic upgrades....

How about some go faster mods?
- Tuning time! (I have one for sale PM me $325shipped)
- Intake?
- High flow catalytic converter
- Short throw shifter
- Poly urethane Motor mounts
- Get a ported throttle body ( I have a core if you want to get it ported PM me)

Just a few ideas...
CAI and a performance exhaust
to be honest, i would save my money and go forced induction. with over 2k in mods i have 159 whp ok. with 3100 bucks you can get the jrsc/bbk. hands down go fi
hondaluver said:
CAI and a performance exhaust
I can't do CAI. Not in my area.. it rains a lot... and puddles accumulate too well.

I wouldn't feel comfortable with it.. otherwise that's what I would do. I can probably get a STEEDA SRI for around $120 through a friend who works for ford.

@svtguy21 .. I will be going SC (as opposed to turbo) in two tax returns from now. I've already made plans for this next return. The last return got me the mods I have and my SVTf. So.. I don't want to wait that long. That's mistreating my car, I'm sure. :p

What will a TB do for me? Ported or otherwise. I have never been mechanically inclined... I'm more mechanically inept. I'm good with electronics, wiring, and computers..... my youth was lacking male rolemodels. ANYWAY... So you'll have to excuse my n00b questions. This is a learn-as-you-go process for me.

One Idea I had was to get a CFM adjustable STS, Wayne's Tune, and the STEEDA SRI if I can pull it off for that price. :)

But I've been to

Adjustable Cam sprocket on the Exhaust Cam, UPD, and a throttle body and there goes that $700.

STS= $89, Throttle Body=$249, Random Tech Cat= $369 total $707 roughly

or you could go with Screamin Demon coil and wires, underdrive pulleys(if you are not going FI) or an exhaust if you don't already have one.

I have had all of the above and was pleased with every choice, I dropped the underdrive pulleys though when I put the supercharger on.
That last guy has a 300hp SC on his sleeper of a focus. The jerk is even considering trading his SVT body for a ZX3 body just to make it that much more of a PITA when it smokes that rival car.

but I digress.. this is about me. :p
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go with a tune and orp thats what i would do with 800$ and maybe get my headers coated
tune gives you best bang for the buck, and a sri also helps a bit, as well as a gain in mpg maybe 1 or 2 mpg gain? MAYBE lol, orp sounds good too, not sure about it i dont own svt, but start with a tune, or go to they have powerpacks for the svt...
What do you want out of your car? Save all your money and just start dropping weight out of the vehicle. A tune is worth the money while I think an exhaust is totally pointless to change on an SVT. You might try upgrading with a high-flow cat, but there's not too much else to do to it.

The intake and exhaust are not weak systems on the car - actually, they're very well optimized. An upgraded throttle body will improve engine response and actually help the car to properly engine brake. However, do not expect any real gains in power but do expect better driving behavior.

I'd buy camber plates and an excellent set of tires and take the thing autocrossing.
how long have you had the pro springs in? did you upgrade the struts as well? if not you mite think about upgrading those.
Tune, SRI, and a short throw shifter. I saw someone say exhaust and I just don't think that's necessary on an SVT. It's been debated time and again but it's already mandrel bent from the cat back can take that info however you like. I did chop my rear resonator off and have a pipe welded in place....preformance wise I don't feel anything but I like the sound. Not too loud but there is a slight increase in sound over stock and has a nice tone. That's my $0.02
I would buy whatever Mike 1 is selling in the classifieds...

..heh heh..
I wouldnt even bother with a short ram intake. Id get a tune, ported TB, and exhaust.
tune, STS, SRI and all 3 VF mounts.... those few mods will make the car much more enjoyable to drive.
DONT GET A PORTED TB!!! all it will do is gflow better the readon for a aftermarket is the linkage.

for a svt i would do

catback, r/t high flow cat, sri, tune which would be more than 800.00
4 Falken Azenis RT-615s. Biggest performance mod you can do short of forced induction is a really good set of tires.
project2point said:
DONT GET A PORTED TB!!! all it will do is gflow better the readon for a aftermarket is the linkage.
What is wrong with the linkage?

Carrera26 said:
4 Falken Azenis RT-615s. Biggest performance mod you can do short of forced induction is a really good set of tires.
This was my first mod. Definitely the best.
Tires are a good mod; I agree. Except id buy the Hankook RS2's and then have enough money to buy a tune...
they linkage is reworked on aftermarket throttle bodies that is where the throttle response comes from.
already have falkens on my car.
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