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Idler pulley(timing belt) broke on way home from work!

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I got the part number and ordered it from ford
Question is
Is this something I can do myself?
Or should I have it done at a shop?

The plastic cover is off of the engine, but the metal cover sure seems to be in the way of getting to that 15mm bolt
do i need to take the belt off the gears?

has anyone else had this happen to them?
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You have quite a task ahead of you.

Remove the right wheel.
Remove the wheel well.
Unfasten the coolant overflow tank and move it over in front of the exhaust header
move the PS fluid container over there also keeping it upright
Get a jack and some wood jack up the entire oil pan until you see the engine move up slightly
Unbolt and remove the passinger engine mount
Now you are going to have to remove the upper timing belt cover
The middle timing belt cover(metal the 2 studs for the engine mount thread into it) is very hard to remove it has bolts that are quite hidden
Using the jack lower it and raise the engine as high as necessary so you can access all the bolts and remove the middle timing belt cover
Replace the pully :)
Remember you are going to have to redo the timing entirely and it is very easy to replace the water pump or oil pump or anything else around there that might need it.
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