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Well folks, I just found an article comparing Volt sales vs Leaf sales and the demographics. Had you asked me before I read this, I'd have definitely said that the Volt tech was the way to go for the future and the time being. I'd have been wrong- according to the current figures. I still think that the Volts current technology and payoff of taxpayer investment under PNGV research is worthwhile. However, new battery technology and manufacturing could bring about batteries that 10x more powerful for the same weight, and much less costly even if the same weight battery is maintained. That would give us electric cars with 400 mile ranges or better on a single charge. It's not something you'd want to drive cross country on a tour at the moment, but it is a viable alternative to the ICE vehicles if a charging infrastructure is put in place.

Here's something I did predict- it's people who are affluent and can afford to have multiple vehicles who are the primary purchasers of Volts or Leafs. The median income is $150k/yr. That's why I don't have one!

Volt vs Leaf: Who's winning?

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Why are the people who buy these cars earning 100k plus. Because if you don't the tax credit isn't worth as much.

My FFE was 25.5k plus sales tax. Federal Tax credit takes 7.5k off of that price. AZ Plates $50 a year. And yes, it is not my only vehicle. Could it be? Probably.

My wife drives a 40k Honda Pilot. 20MPG and most of the time she drives less than 40 miles a day and rarely has more than 1 person in the car with her let alone 6.

Once a month she goes camping and hauls a few Boy Scouts. Once a year she drives cross country. I would argue that the Honda is the car that rarely fits the mission.

I almost bought a Leaf but got that range anxiety thing. Bought a Mazda 6 instead. It is a great car, a really great car for the price. It can replace the pilot 98% of the time, gets an average combined real 30 MPG and was 25k out the door.

But, after buying it I kept track of how many miles a day. Rarely more than 30.

I have had the FFE about a week now. Put almost 350 miles on it and never once had less than 30 miles available when I got home. Only once did I not charge at home. That once was because at work they now have chargers.

Round trip to work is 45 miles. Round trip to my kids school, 12 miles.

I have driven at night on the highway with the AC blasting.

This would't work as an UBER car but it works for me.

Get one of the apps that tells you if an EV car is right for you. I bet for most of you die hard ICE fans it would.
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