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I want to go low! Opinions?

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I basically just want the car lowered. I don't care so much about handling or performance gains. I just think the car would look better. Therefore I'm not interested in spending too much money. Do these look legit?

I was also looking at these since I'm going to order an F2 spoiler from them anyway.

If not, what's a good cheap idea for this? Any suggestions are welcome, thanks.
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ebay its not an option.. even if they will fit and everything would seem fine, the ride quality wouldnt be very good, just look around more, go to the buy/sell forum and check it out, but again if you get a lower springs - you would need camber bolts for the back for sure - $25 + shipping, camber plates for the front (maybe, depending on ur drop, usually if more than 1.5" drop) - another $100 + shipping and the alignment another $100.. suspension will never be cheap.. + even if you stay with ur stock dampers, you would a new set pretty soon :) so another $200+- and another alignment right after
I'm not car savvy. All of this is necessary for lowering? I can't just buy the springs from F2 and have them installed for a drop?
Then what's a smart yet still affordable thing to do?
Will do. I'll just do other things for now that I know are safe and affordable. Thanks for the help.
Accidentally posted twice...
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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