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I should really pay someone to do this....but i wont

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I'm gonna dive into replacing my front wheel bearing this weekend....well anywho, it would appear that my hayes has gone missing (funny, my brother in law has a focus...hmmmmm), just wondering if anyone happens to know the size of the front hub bolt(the one on the end of the drive shaft) and how many ft lbs to torque that sucker down once im finished. If you guys have attempted this and have any tips (or even a quick how-to) for me that you want to share that would be great....keep in mind that i realize that i should bring this somewhere to get it fixed but i'd like to at least attempt to fix it myself...thanks
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either get your haynes back or buy a new one then lock it up and shoot your brother-in-law,your going to want it handy when your doing the job
Do you mean the drive axle retention nut? You'll need a six-point 1.25" socket and either an impact wrench or a breaker bar. The torque spec is 253 ft-lbs, so you may need to buy or rent a torque wrench that can go that high, assuming you don't already have one or have access to one.

The replacement procedure isn't hard, you just need to get the spindle off the car so that means steering arm, control arm/ball joint and strut pinch bolts have to come off in addition to the drive axle retention nut. Drive the axle out with a large piece of wood (such as a piece of 4x4 post), then the trick is getting the bearing pressed in...supposively you can do it yourself but I had a shop press the bearings in, actually, I installed the BAT Inc front brake kit last summer and bought replacement spindles that I ended up not using during the install and had new bearings pressed in.
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