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I have a 2003 Ford Focus ZX3 with 167k miles on it. It failed the emissions for I/M Monitors 'Not ready"
The ones that come up not ready are: EGR, O2 sensor, HO2 sensor, evap system and catalyst. I have a code scanner and there are no codes set or a SEL. Car hasn't set any codes for years. It is well maintained and doesn't use any oil. I removed the vacuum hose from the EGR and used another hose to the EGR and pulled vacuum and the engine shut off.
I printed out a copy of the Ford Driving cycle for my vehicle. I have followed the procedure to a tee.
I have done it 4 times right now and nothing has gone from a Not Ready state to a Ready state.
Do I need to go through more driving cycles??
What happens if I can't get the the above to go from Not Ready to Ready?? Are there some type of repair?
I have done a major search, and most tell you how to do the driving cycle, but none of the info I searched for tells you how to fix the not ready state if the Driving cycle doesn't work.
I have also learned that my Keep Alive Memory to the ECU may not be supplying power to the ECU, which resets the I/M monitors when I shut the car off. Don't know how to look for this or check it. Help
Anybody help me out there I am lost.
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