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Hey, I'm new here and I was wondering if I could get some help finding OEM hubcaps and a fuel door for my first car.

The color of my focus is French Blue, color code "M9" but I can't seem to find a compatible fuel door. The French blue color exists from 2002-2005 and then it is no longer available. I've seen a couple different colors and replacement parts on eBay, but then I can't find matching paint. I'd rather not have a fuel door of a completely different color. Any assistance with this is appreciated!!!

Secondly, I want to find hubcaps because my focus is missing all four. I'd like to have the hubcaps that have the lug nuts go over them to hold them in, but I'm not sure if they're compatible with my focus. The ones at the Ford dealership are wayyy too expensive($50+ ea.)

I can't find any real junkyards here in the NYC area so I was hoping I could find something online....

Thanks, hopefully I can get these parts and upload pictures of my focus to the intro thread.
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