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How To: Show Your Audiophile Who's Boss

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So you're cruising down the road with a buddy and you get the overwhelming urge to listen to "Bananna Phone". You roll down your windows, slow the pace and cruise the insert Raffi's latest killer mix of kids songs and all of a sudden you get the dreaded " CD ERROR" on your audiophile 6 disk.

"NOOOOOOO" how could this be? What evil forces are at work that would possibly want to deprave you and the surrounding pedestrians of this splendid audible sensation? (Not to mention your dearest momma bought that for you last chanuka)


Some have randomly pushed buttons and sweared at it in just the right way, but when all else fails and you just have to get that Raffi CD , this is what has to be done.

First, go down to WallyWorld and hit their automotive department. You are gonna want a set of these. They only cost like 4 bucks:

Take em out, ram them into the holes on either side of your stereo and push the metal rings outwards towards the sides of the unit while pulling it out.

Now set that beast on a table or workbench, whatever floats your boat....and remove the two small screws from the back of the stereo. Mine had these annoying and extremely small hex screws back there...but a dremmel with a cut off wheel soon made them flathead compatible, lol.

Next lift up the rear of the cover and pop out the tabs on the top/front of the cover.

Now you should be able to see your coveted Raffi are almost victorious...move in for the kill. See that metal piece across the top of your CD? Dont even trip, its on springs and moves out da way.

Just hook your finger up under there, and gently pull it up towards the top of the stereo...its not all that fragile, so dont be a **** about it. I found that if you turn it upsidedown and give it a little jiggle the cd will fall forward out of the tray:

Now just grab that end and slide it up and out diagonally:

Repeat as neccessary till all your imprisoned cd's are free from that POS.

Once that is done, I recommend taking the stereo to the range and shooting it repeatedly....but if you are broke like me, put the lid back on, plug it in and slide it back into its hole.

You can now rest easy knowing that Raffi is once again back in your posession and all is right in the universe. Go play Bananna Phone on your home system at high volumes and give thanks and praise.

*No cd's were harmed during this rescue.
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dude thanks a lot for the post....this came in handy along with all the pictures!!! i had this happen to me because i tried loading cd's in when it was neg 2 degrees outside and the damn thing froze with all my cd's in it!!! i was soooo pissed off, but now i have them all back!!!! thanks again!!! :)
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