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I had a tough time finding this info [bash] (finally figured out a google search that turned up a PDF), so I'm posting here in hopes it will help others more easily in the future...

When we purchased my wife's 2012 Focus SE, we had the dealer install the bi-directional Ford remote start unit. Recently, the remote fob started acting flaky; playing around with the remote internals convinced me the remote fob was going out (not the remote start unit), so wife picked up a replacement fob at the dealer. It's slightly updated but still works with our remote start. Here's a picture of the new remote (left) and the original (right).

To program the replacement, you will need to locate the rmst programming button for your remote start unit - mine was under the dash/steering area, zip-tied to a wiring harness. I removed the side dash plate (pulls off), then one torx screw allowed removal of the lower dash panel under the steering column. Once you locate the progrmming button, pull it to where you can reach it from the driver's seat. If you have trouble locating your remote start unit, you could trace the antenna wire to it. The programming button was attached to a flat grey cable - I didn't get a picture, but it looked very similar to these pictures found via google image search:

Follow these steps to program the new remote
  1. Turn vehicle ignition to the "on" position (do not need to start).
  2. Press the brake pedal and keep holding it through step #3.
  3. Hold down the programming button for about 15 seconds. Once you hear the horn beep three times, you can release the brake pedal and then the programming button - the remote start unit is now in remote control programming mode.
  4. Press the start button (circular arrow) on the remote control you want to program. The horn will beep once to indicate the remote has been added to the system.
  5. You can now remove the key from the ignition and test the new remote.

This info paraphrased from PDF thanks to Paul MacHenry & Co. -
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