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How-To: Focus Amplifier Install

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Good sticky, nice pics.

I found a easier way to run the amp power wire into the cabin. There is a small unused plug in the door jamb on both sides. It comes out behind the kick panels. The plug is far enough foreward so that the wire tucks into the fender and is out of the way of any moving parts. I will try and put up a pic later today. I like it because it doesnt require any drilling.

I ran my wire from the batt up through the top of the fender in the channel between the outer and inner fenders, through the door jamb plug and then like your sticky shows. My wires are 100% hidden and you cant even tell from under the hood that I added a amp. Looks very clean, the amp is under the driver seat. I gotta run and go buy bathroom accents for the new apartment ( not my choice for a day off ) but it keeps the peace......more later
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because if it's not... say 30" away, mounted behind the fuse box or something... and the wire get's snagged from the fuse holder, or if the power cord get's spiced or cut and get's in contact with the frame... your gonna have loud crackling noises that will either 1) scare the crap out of you if your within range. or 2) melt and damage metal frame and other things that you might need to keep your car running as it should.
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