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how to deal with this code P1246

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I just knew if I fooled around modding the car, the proverbial s#!t would hit the fan

The thing belched a bunch of codes at me yesterday - I ditched Wayne's tune a few weeks ago because the car ran horrible with it and he won't contact me back about what to do. So, running stock tune

I got P0133 again - must have a bad rear O2 sensor. My problem with this - I have been back to stock tune for at least two weeks and why I all of a sudden get the code now, I have no idea. See, It gave me this code on stock tune after installing the throttle body and random cat - that was weeks ago now. I cleared them and no problem until yesterday

MORE IMPORTANTLY perhaps, Now I also got P1246 - I read the description of what the code means but I don't understand - sounds like a charging system problem but oh, by the way, the PCM could be shot. What do I do next with this? I hope Wayne's tune didn't some how FUBAR my PCM.

I'm about to rip the damned TB and cat off and make it stock again - I never once had a problem with codes when it was stock. Frustrated, can you tell? And to top it off, it just doesn't run the way it did before. And The tune, which was supposed to fix it, didn't help one bit.

Any help at all on the codes is greatly appreciated. Thanks all