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HOW-TO: Changing Manual Transmission Fluid

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This is pretty simple, but I figured since there wasn't already a write-up, I'd take a couple pics of the job.

Items/tools required:

Jack & jack stands
Drain pan
8mm hex key
Funnel w/ tubing (preferred)
2.1 quarts of your favorite, fully synthetic MTX fluid

I bought some BG Synchro Shift II, I swear by it- it'll make your transmission shift like butter. You can get it at Mitsubishi dealerships, or online

1) First off, you'll want to jack up the driver's side of the car (You'll get better results draining the transmission if you just jack up this side, as the drain plug faces the passenger side). USE JACK STANDS!

2) Here's a picture facing the transmission from the front of the car. Using your 8mm hex key, check to make sure you can untighten the fill plug first. Just crack it loose, but don't unscrew it.

3) On the left side of the transmission, just in front of the rear motor mount, the drain plug resides. Use the 8mm hex key and unscrew it.

4) After it has completely drained (approx 5-10 mins), tighten the plug back on. Make sure it's snug and a little extra, but not he-man tight. [strongman]Now use the funnel and tubing to fill the transmission from the fill hole. Make sure you use 2.1 quarts. Yes, that means having to buy three. [bigcry]

5) Tighten this plug down the same as the drain plug, lower the car, and enjoy your smoother-shifting transmission. [burnout]
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excellent write up man, easy to understand, makes it simple, great job man[thumb]

Nice write up.

What year car was in the pics?

At what mileage should the fluid first be drained/re-filled?

- w
The car is a 2005 2.0 Duratec. It's the same motor that's in your 2008.

I believe the owners manual calls for a MTX fluid change every 30K miles. If it doesn't, I'd do it anyway at that time interval.
Great pictures, great write up. Ill for sure do this by my self now!
One caution others have noted. Make sure that you can loosen the fill plug BEFORE you remove the drain plug!

Already mentioned. I didn't read closely enough!
excellent writeup, once again.

same as on the 2.3?

now, i looked at my maint. schedule, and it says not to do this until 100k!! It says 30k if its an automatic....? then at 60k again, and so on...
Yes, same for the 2.3. If the maintenance calls for only once every 100k, I'd imagine the fluid would be in sorry condition once actually changed.

Of course, the harder you beat on your car, the sooner your fluids should be changed anyway. I'd be hard pressed to push any fluids further than 50K miles, unless it's the power steering. It's up to you, really. Some people like to change out their fluids more often and others have no problem running their oil dry.
yeah, i am about to do a coolant flush, since over 30k now. gonna wait on tranny though. I need an alignment anways, so i will just have that done at the same time.
nice write up.

i thought tranny fluid was changed at 60K??

Im at 34,xxx on an MTX and i drive mine preatty hard....should i go ahead and change it??

once again.. nice write up!!
On my evo, I used to change the transmission fluid every 3rd oil change, which was every 10-12K miles. There was always some metal deposits on the transmission magnetic drain plug. I realize all transmissions are different, but you get the point. Some people feel that transmission fluid should be changed fairly often, others think it can last 100K. Since it's a major drivetrain component, I'd feel it's crucial to keep the fluid in good condition.

SaleenN2O, if I had your car, I would probably change it. I feel you'll notice a difference, especially if you use the fluid I recommended.
damn man, every 3rd oil change?? that baby musta been SPARKLING!! [grinking]

i hate when i am at a drive-up window, and i shift from 1st to neutral, and then back to 1st when pulling out, and i can hear the shifts. my last car you never heard that, and my 2 previous were autos. makes me nervous, hearing those gears!
*moved* to technical sinse the mtx75 is not duratec specific.
Added to the 'HOW TO ARCHIVE'..... [thumb]
ill even sticky this for a while so EVERYONE can see it[thumb]

psst, wash the desert off the bottom of your ride
oNE THING GUYS...iSN'T GL-4 75-80 a bit thick for our trannies? What is the spec on the factory stuff?
viney, thats what i just put in, in my other thread! thats the stuff everyone said to get OUT of my car right away! so, i would think that yeah, gl-4 is too thick.
What About My Zx3 2000 Zetec, Howm Can I Do That???
The correct fluid for my MTX-75 (with a Zetec) is ATF.
The correct fluid for my MTX-75 (with a Zetec) is ATF.


take it out!

atf's viscosity goes to hell in that environment... it doesnt shear very well...
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