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I recently posted an issue I was having after rebuilding my front suspension struts and after a lot of work I though I'd add this to help anyone who has the same in the future.
I rebuilt the front struts using all new genuine for parts but reused the coil springs. I then had a loose feel to the front, a boom/pop sound at the slightest on road bumps or holes.
Please see pics. There's a small plastic bobble on the bearing, two on the top mount and a small metal strip that lines up with the opening of the suspension knuckle. So everything must line up with the metal strip on the bottom of the strut. The first bobble on the top mount ( left hand if it's upright) is the one to line up. Also seat the coil spring so that the bottom end is not totally up against the strut stop . I hope this may help someone one day.
Many thanks


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