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Many people have found problems installing aftermarket speakers in the 2008-2011 Focus. I found an easy way to run speaker wire and amp wire so here is a tutorial on the way I did it.

Power Wire
Ground wire
5x7 speakers
2 channel or 4 channel amp (depending on how many speakers are to be done)
remote line wire
speaker wire
Hi-Lo Converter
Terminal connectors for power and ground wire
double sided foam tape
electrical tape

socket wrench set
hex key set
star key set
flat head and Phillips head screw drivers

1) take apart the dash (center console, left dash, right dash, center dash in that order.)
2) take off the door panels (
3) take out speakers
4) wire in the Hi-Lo converter into the stereo harness
(Front Left (+/-) = white - white/brown
Front Right (+/-) = white/purple - white/orange)
Be sure to wrap the wires with electrical tape
5)ground the Hi-Lo converter
6) Run RCA cables from HI-Lo through center console or to amp position
7)Connect power wire to + terminal on battery, add fuse, and run the wire through the firewall (there's a plastic plug behind the pedals in automatics which can easily e dremeleled through.
8) run speaker wire from amp along footwell and center console to where the door is.

Now here's where most people get stumped
9) Disconnect the weather proof wire plugs on the doors
10) On the chassis there will be a plastic plug which can be pulled out ( it has some glue or something on it so pry it with a flat tip screw driver)
11) Now dremel a hole into this plug to make room for the speaker wire
12) On the top of the weather proof hose one the door the top has lots of extra room. Pull this out and dremel a small hole for the wire into this too
13) At this point run the speaker wire through the plug, into the hole in the hose and into the door where the speaker or crossover will be hooked up.
14) connect all the wires and add in the speakers
15)replace the door panels
16) run the remote line to the amp from the interior fuse panel located under the steering wheel ( You'll need to look up which fuse to wrap the wire around. I used a ten on the middle left but don't remember why I used that one so be sure to look that up) Be sure to run this wire hidden in the center console or door sills
18) Hook everything up and double check that all - wires go to - and all + go to +.
19) Connect the stereo harness to the stereo before putting the dash back together
20) Start up the car and dial in the Hi-Lo converter
21) Remount the dash, clean up the mess, and enjoy

Common mistakes-remedies
1) dropping bolts- use magnetized tools
2) speakers don't turn on- check that all wires are - to - and + to +
3) Missing parts- label all parts in sandwich bags or with masking tape
4)Broken door panels... - look up diagrams and forums on how to take them apart properly
5) melting wires/ fire - use proper gauge wire and always ground your amp

Pictures to show the steps I took in my procedure


DSCF1300 by jjandros, on Flickr


DSCF1316 by jjandros, on Flickr

DSCF1330 by jjandros, on Flickr

Door Wiring

DSCF1320 by jjandros, on Flickr

DSCF1307 by jjandros, on Flickr

DSCF1319 by jjandros, on Flickr


DSCF1329 by jjandros, on Flickr


DSCF1328 by jjandros, on Flickr

Re mantle

DSCF1333 by jjandros, on Flickr

BTW. The work to do it is Worth it!!!! I went with Infinity Kappa components and an Alpine Type R in the trunk and they sound Amazing. Shop around and be sure to buy a spool of speaker wire off of amazon instead of an audio shop. They charge by the foot so it's Much cheaper just to buy 50' of 12 gauge speaker wire on amazon. Don't forget ground... or just get an amp wiring kit!

Please post any questions or if there are any pictures you want or anything you'd like clarified.

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