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How-To Adjust The Shift Cables (MTX-75) - (original from TeamFocus)


1. If make sure the cables are locked in the bracket. the knurls open by twisting them.

2. looking at the shift linkage, you will see two levers with cables on them. the one to the left is a small lever that controls the left and right. the larger one with the huge counterweight on it controls the up and down.

3. put the shifter in 4th gear and go to the left-right lever. Push the orange button on the cable in and move the lever so that it is pointing straight down and there is no slack in the cable. release the button.

4. have an assistant hold the shifter all the way left. Now go to the cables again and push the orange button on the up-down cable. the counterweight causes this to be a little off center so manually push this linkage to be pointing straight down. when it is set, release the orange button.


I have heard many people have trouble adjusting the cables, using this method I have gotten it dead on the first time.
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