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I bought a set of electric door lock actuators for my car, the same time I bought the remote start alarm. To my surprise, adding them didn't seem like it was going to be very strait forward at first. I studied the latches and what I came up with was, quick and easy...

After I removed the latch and handle assembly, I put the latch in the locked position

I then drilled a pilot hole from the front side, right in the middle of the spring spool

Now from the back side, I drilled the hole out just big enough to pass the button side of the actuator rod threw

with the help of some pliers, I turned the original 90 deg bend into a 45

using the spool, I put another bend in the rod (make sure it is completely threw the plastic)

the rears tucked away real nice in the back of the doors

Since we put the rods in backwards from what was intended, I had to put a "J" bend in the other end of the rod. Start with a 90 deg bend, pass it threw the actuator, then bend it around the actuator and cut off the excess. (do all this before you mount it)

the front doors, took a little more work to mount

the absorber hand to modified to fit

I drilled out some of the unused holes in the door harness plugs and passed the wires threw them

I didnt take a pictures of the relays since there are tons of diagrams of standard voltage reversing door lock relays
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