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how much power did your cams make?

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Im looking into cams after i purchase my tuner since my bolt ons are pretty much complete now

I was wondering how much power are your upgraded camshafts putting down to the dyno after install?
Please Specify ATX/MTX
Camshaft Brand
stock or upgraded Cam gears,valve Springs, and lifters
type and stage?
thanks all
My Foci is ATX so im really interested to see those specs
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well, I made 164 whp 144 wtq w/ the crower II's which are more aggressive than the fr III's. I upgraded to a FR head w/ high lift valve springs/retainers, the whole shebang!! also did a 5 angle vavle job w/ 3 mm oversized valves. then of course all boltons!

awesome those are great gains considering most bolt ons with a tune and exhaust only pull between 112-130
ya, but it takes A LOT of head work!!!
yeah i see what you've done with yours.....nice
i wish i could do mine the proper way like yours
i just plan on getting my tuner soon
then the cams are next most likely i'll get the comp cams i kno they say they work with the stock valve train system but im having a hard time finding the proper valve spring set if i want to upgrade my valves
the crower set thats on their site doesnt seem to be available anywhere and the ones i do find are marked up maybe cause they are discontinued?

might you kno another set i could look into mlbbaseball?
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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