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First off, I am creating this as a separate thread in hopes it can help at least one person (rather than add to my "please help me with sync problem" post and get overlooked). I have spent from 0830 to 1700 today FINALLY getting my over 5000 songs on a 320 gig drive and 8 gig thumb.
So, IF you are having problems getting through the "indexing" and "building media commands" here is what I found. Set option to play while indexing for this to work.
So, MFT decides one of your songs is the "first" song on your drive. The song it keeps playing every time you start up while having problems. For me it was a song by "12 Stone"
On My computer I have my music according to year of release with between 3-5 gig's per year over the last decade plus.
I added one year at a time and would start by switching away from that "first" song it would want to play relentlessly. So now it's playing "anything else". Any time I added new music and the "first" song would come on...I NEVER got anywhere. So...
Pulled Fuse 67 (I DID NOT NEED TO PULL 79) Restarted Mft, Pulled drive, re-inserted , watched football. With time/patience all indexing, bmc worked.
I remove drive, add another year of music, if the random song I choose plays when I put drive back in....Football time..... and things were fine......
If the "first" song comes on when I re plug in drive......Out comes fuse 67.
It was long, annoying but at least for now I have all my stuff on and working 100%...
Here's hoping it keeps working and this can help at least 1 person with MFT/Sync issues.
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