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Hello FF members!

It's been a two year hiatus since I've posted here. I've been busy with other projects.

But anyway, I have time now to work on things that I don't like about the MK3.

I've been successfully sniffing the CANbus either HS,MS,I bus. The later one I could read my multimedia steering controls on the I-CAN with an arduino canshield without any problems.

One thing that bugs me is how the IPC works on this model. I've found the CAN frame that disable the Traction Control and when I inject it into the bus it turns off for a fraction of a second (LED turn on and message is shown) but it turns back on.

Looks like the IPC is always resending its values that are in memory when in conflict with the BCM.

This is a bummer because this means and correct me if I'm wrong that only the IPC itself can turn off the traction control (it has the last word).

But when the ABS module is failing or have error TC is turn off so there must be a way to override the IPC values from the CAN.

Anyone could chime in and give a bit of thoughts on this issue?


**Note: for the curious the frame is : ID 070 , 10 D8 04 80 00 EE E8 10
This is the message that IPC send to BCM on the MSCAN to tell turn it off.
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