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Houston NorthSide Car Toys Meet-The Woodlands

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NorthSide Car Toys Meet-The Woodlands


When- 9:00pm, Friday nights

Where- Car Toys in The Woodlands

Directions From Downtown- I-45 North, Exit Tamina/Research Forest,stay on the feeder, right next door to Hooters

Rules for the meet

1) No alcohol. Let us repeat: NO alcohol. No drugs as well.

2) No revving your engines or sounding your car horns.

3) No loud music. (please keep it at a respectful level)

4) Please watch your speed as you enter and exit the parking lot.

5) Please watch your trash. If you need to throw something away, please place in the trash can.Do not leave trash on the ground.

6) No street racing at or near the meet.

7) No burn/peel outs. No drifting.

8) No speeding in the parking lot!

9) No mopeds,scooters, or dirt bikes allowed

There will be Shenandoha police roaming around the area. We dont want this meet to turn out like the Sonic meet. If it gets out of control,NO MORE MEET..

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

*NOTE* I am just reposting this to try and get the focus community of Houston to show some support. I am not organizing, this is a meet but I will be in attendance. So hopefully some other people will show up and support aswell. PM me with any questions and i'll try to do what I can