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I need help! I just purchased a 2000 zx3 for my daughter, and I am running down a few issues that I have discovered, and need some help on a couple of items.
1-I just changed the DPFE sensor, because one of the hose retainers was broken off. I replaced both hoses, and got them hooked back up where they were supposed to go. The previous owner had hooked the hose from the brake reservoir to the manifold pipe. I took it off, and hooked the hoses from the DPFE to the proper fittings according to my local dealerships advice. hopefully this clears my P1405 code. The problem is that I don't know where to put the hose from the brake reservoir. This is an automatic, and the hard plastic line underneath the reservoir for the brakes is attached to the master cylinder, so I am assuming that the hose on the end of the reservoir is for the clutch if the car was so equipped. What do I do with this hose?

2-The car will stall only occaisionally, and it seems to do so in only very hot weather. What should I look for?

3-The ignition switch sticks occaisionally. Any advice?

Thank you for your suggestions in advance. We have only owned the car for a few weeks, so I don't know much about it at this point, but I am learning fast! It seems to be a good car, and I want to make sure it is as reliable as possible.
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