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help with an '02 svt

ok well im tired of my '03 zts sedan w/ auto trans so im looking at a '02 svt with 56,000 miles on it...ive test driven it twice and the transmission/clutch feel fine but im gonna see if ford can look up the vin to see what service if any has been done to it...there are no other problems with the car except that the side mirrors (which are powered) jerk when I move them with the controller and both doors (mainly the drivers side) have to be pull pretty hard to get it to open yet they open fine from the inside (i read in another post that it could be that it was sitting and they just got a little rusty so ill have the car place try some lube on it first) but does anyone have any idea what this jerky mirror movement could be...could it be just from sitting for too long...also are there any other problems that i should look for specifically on a '02 svtf?

Thanks for the help

P.S. Heres a link to the autotrader page LINK
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