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Do we have any hockey fans in the Dez? I am a huge fan of the Arizona Sundogs who play in Prescott Valley, and they offer birthday packages. My birthday is next month (Nov. 22nd) and if enough of you guys are interested, I can set something up for us to go to a game. I need a total of 10 people minimum (consider 4 of those taken, between me, my parents, and a friend who always goes), so I need 6 people to do it. It would probably end up being around $15-20 per person, and that includes the tickets and goodies that they give you. They play at Tim's Toyota Center in Prescott Valley, just almost across the street from Zeke's, the place we ate at last year on the big Mountain Run. There is really not a single bad seat in the arena, its such a small arena every seat seems like its "right there". I think there is 15 rows or something, so you're close no matter where you sit. The atmosphere is amazing, the crowd is very rowdy and into the games (think old Suns games at the Madhouse on McDowell...)

I was thinking we could combine a "Mountain drive" with this. I come down to Phoenix and we take the back way to Prescott, then after the game you guys can either go back that way or just down 69/I-17, depending on what time it is and how everyone feels.

Right now I'm just throwing a feeler out there, to see who would be interested. There aren't any games on my birthday, so the dates we would be looking at around then are...

November 14 (Friday)
November 15 (Saturday)
November 26 (Wednesday)
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