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The car currently revs at 4000 rpm at idle. Will resting the ECU help or does anyone have any other suggestions please.

Initial Problem

Whilst driving at 70 mph the engine light come on and the wife carried on driving an managed to get the car home although it sounded rough. Connected the car up and Fault codes suggested :-

P1132 Code definition not none -please refer to car service manual
P0301 Cylinder 1 misfire detected
P0302 Cylinder 2 misfire detected

The car starts but clearly misfiring. I initially thought it might be the ignition coil as there appeared to be no spark to two of the HT leads. There was no change, so I then also changed all 4 HT leads. This solved the Spark issue but it still did not sound great. So I took out and checked the spark plugs to both cylinder 1 and 2 individually checking for a spark at the tip of the plug. This is where i made my mistake by cranking the car with the spark plug out. Now with the spark plugs connected, every time I start the car it will REV at 4000 rmp or above even at normal temperature. Any Help or advice will be appropriated
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