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k, so i got new headlights
projection halo ring, or w/e u wanna call em.. headlights
they come with 2 smaller lights ment for signal lights, but i just bought a new grille with clear signals..i dont wanna buy a new grille with no signals and use these. or hook them up and give on lookers an epileptic seizure every time i turn.
i want to wire them to my high beams
not for any real reason, because i doubt it would effect the brightness..but it would give them a reason to be there...ya know?

so anyone know of how i might do this?
a wiring diagram?
a 'paint' picture? haha


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Moved you to the correct forum.

I have those headlights, and I use the upper light as a running light, and lower as turn signal.
I have no idea how you'd hook them up to the high beams though.
I'm sure someone on here will be able to help you out.

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Yeah you would splice them to the high beam wiring. Problem is they will only turn on with the high beams and most likely will be drowned out by every bit of high beam light.

So all you would do is in the headlight harness tap into the blue wire for the highs. Won't exactly produce any kind of excellent or awesome result but it's easy.

Now if you are really ambitious you could perform the DRL fog light mod wire them to the fog lights and then you would have fogs and these as daytime running lamps. That would be a good use of them
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