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Hi my name is Jean i am from Victoriaville Québec so yes i am french :p

Since there is a forum called and members are really not active as focusfanatics i love to learn new things and always search before asking.

But when there is active member of course it's easier to get awnser. I own a grey metallic 2006 Focus SE GFX with the 2.0 duratec for now mods are going good i have installed my magnaflow catback previously installed on my 2001 zetec.

I have a complete svt suspension kit waiting to be installed and svt 5 spokes alloy wheels.

I will have tons of parts for sale as i am selling my 2001 zetec focus that served me very well (this is my 5 focus) I already own 2 2007 ST one SE 2002 and my 2001 SE.

Plans or going for the new ST next years as i am working at Cascades paper as an electo technician. Planning is to mods the actual car to be more funny to drive any suggestions are welcome.

Well here is a couple pics of the car not perfect but not bad for a 1100$ paid car with 196000km.

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