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Hi all!

I've been looking for a car for around a month and had considered a good few, mainly Opel Astra H, Mazda 3 I, Civic VII and at the same time filtering out all of the manufacturers I dislike (sorry, French makers [hihi] and VW which I personally despise) which at the same time are the most common.

Eventually stumbled upon some Focus versions and they really caught my attention. In my opinion, they're better equipped than the competition, and they look better. After plenty of studying I found the one.

1.6 (petrol) 100hp Ghia from 2006 with less than 120.000km, complete service book and a look that stands out.

I hope to enjoy the forum and this great car for a long time. I've always liked Ford, now I like it a lot more [cheers]


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