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What cat to buy

HFC Question

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So its about time i upgrade my headers and cat and i have one simple question? I looked around and i found a direct fit magnaflow cat for a great price.

Are these even comparable to the R/T cat as in performance gains? Ive searched google and every1 says oh yea its a good cat but havent none of them said anything about performance[scratch] .

I realise with the r/t i know what im gettin but to spend 350 bucks on a hfc that alot of people had problems with, i dont really feel like buyin it, id raither go turbo then.

Thanks for any help
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The hfc will rob a negligible amount of power from the car with a good header.

If I were in your shoes I would go with an SVT header and a modified R/T cat to bolt up to a Zetec flex. That will make the most power for you. A Short header and a cat in an L pipe will be more restrictive.
I think the SVT header kit and modified hfc will run you about 600 total. And I'm pretty sure either way it will be a pain in the you know what each time you replace the header. But good luck to you.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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