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Breathing. Alive?
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Good morning(1am) peeps of the "hella zone." Yes, the Hella Zone because, as I have learned in the past few months, we are the only people who use the term.


I can't believe I hadn't raided these threads yet. It seems that most Nor-Cal people are from the Bay which is really nice. No offence to anyone, but what else is up there past Fairfield and Petaluma? [joke]

So there is like no Focus Lover exclusively in my city, with respect to Gav and Viperthreat(I think his name is Richard. Can't remember. lol) who are from Concord. There's like one ZX3 in the apartment complex next to mine but it's kind of in poor shape. It's modded but broken so I don't know about that. Had a little impromptu cruise with the driver the other day which was fun. With that said it gets lonely, and my car is a piece of [:)][:)][:)][:)][:)][:)]g shit, excuse me, that breaks down every time I drive somewhere more that 10 minutes away so I can't really hang with anyone. It's all good though. [mecry]

I might be buying a house and moving to Sacramento soon, well Elk Grove but damn near the same thing. I already know Mr. TallTed is from Sacramento so that's cool.

I would love to turn my car into a Rally beast but seeing as how I can barely use it as a DD really crushes all hope.

Sooooooo yeah. Hmu if you're ever in Pittsburg/Antioch; or Especially Los Medanos College, I'm always there.

Oh and if anyone plays any instruments and wants to jam, I am always down. I'll take BART if I have to..

And here's a picture I guess. Haha [goofydrunk]


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